How to Organize Storage of Things
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How to organize storage in the wardrobe: five rulesEvery season, you must change at least half of the wardrobe, as things have lost their shape? Check if the space in your closet is properly co-operated. And 5 tips from will help for you.

Choose the right hangers

We occasionally think about whether it is “comfortable” for our beloved silk shirt on wide woody “shoulders”. Remember: it is better to use soft options covered with foam rubber and fabric. And it’s worth choosing the right size: lean on your shoulder width, there is nothing shameful in putting the hanger to yourself and checking if it touches the sleeves.

For jackets and suits, you should choose wide wood “shoulders” with wings extended to the edge and rounded, and a bar equipped with clamps. You can still pay attention to the rubber coating. It will protect clothes from slipping.

For dresses, hangers on which there are small hooks are perfectly suitable.

And for outerwear, choose massive plastic or varnished “coat hanger” that can withstand weight up to seven kilograms. They themselves weigh a lot for such an inconspicuous, but necessary assistant. You should buy a hanger for outerwear a size smaller than usual, because the “wings” compensate for the length.

Store shoes in special boxes

Do not store shoes in the same box in which you brought them. Cardboard practically does not “breathe”, which means it accumulates an unpleasant smell, including from shoe polish. Buy special plastic containers with openings for air circulation or prefer a natural material such as wicker wood. In order not to forget which pair lies where, stick a sticker with a picture on the box.

Use covers for clothes

Fur coats, sheepskin coats, leather jackets and woolen coats are best stored in special covers for clothes. If you are planning to buy a cover not of natural material, thoroughly find out what its breathability is. If there is almost no ventilation, do not store fur products in it. Cotton covers are more suitable for them.

Sort things by color

Make it a rule to sort things by colors, and even better – by colors and materials. Do not put silk with acrylic and polyester, and keep red sweaters away from light trousers and tops. You can lay ordinary parchment paper between layers of clothing, it does not take up much space, but things just do not fade and do not color each other.

Get containers and stands

Do not forget about accessories! Get special bag containers and headwear stands. So the hats will not lose their shape, and the bags will have less contact with anything, which will significantly reduce the risk of rubbed edges.

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