How to Organize a Storage System in a Closet
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All the classical methods to sort clothes and big things are already exhausted, but is order still not enough? Use non-trivial obstacle solution options.

4.Fold into bags. Huge bags-covers – perfect containers for occasionally used things. They look completely worthy, and you can dispose of them as you like: take them to the cottage, put them on the closet, push the locker room or under the bed to the far corner.


3. Remove bulky items in vacuum bags. Small-sized storage of clothes for the winter season (down jackets and jackets), seasonal blankets, rugs will provide compression bags, from which oxygen is pumped out with a vacuum cleaner, so that the volume of things is miniaturized a couple of times. It is purposeful to use huge packages – specifically they give the best efficiency in saving space in a closet or dressing room.

5. Optimize storage in the dressing room. The useful space of the dressing room or large sliding wardrobe is not always used rationally: usually there is empty space near the ceiling and lower compartments, and in the wardrobe high sections are filled only from below. Free space can be used, for example, to store an archive of documents.

On the picture:

If the apartment has a dressing room or a large closet, be critical of how they use the usable space.

7. Vases and ceramic dishes – in the case! We rarely use decorative objects – ceramic dousing pots, vases and bowls – we turn them into caskets for small objects.

Fill in the voids

6. “Pack” your suitcases. Wardrobe cases, travel bags and suitcases between the trips will serve as good storage for seasonal items – before storage, it is better to carefully distribute them in bags to quickly empty the suitcase if necessary.

8. Use kitchen modules. Hinged kitchen cabinets are very rarely filled to capacity, the upper shelves often remain half empty. Use them to store items that are not related to the kitchen, such as tools.

On the picture:

On the cabinets of kitchen sets and in empty closed modules you can organize storage places for things that are not related to the kitchen.

10Hang your clothes to the ceiling beam. Attach a beam to the ceiling, and hooks for hangers to it. Clothing, first voluminous things, remove in covers and hang. The beam can be made as decorative (and in this case left in sight), or hidden behind a curtain, for example, in the back of the room or along the wall.

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