Hanging Storage Case Do It Yourself
By: Date: 25.09.2020 Categories: Storage

hanging hangerAny housewife dreams to use at least some place correctly and not to forget about developing a cozy atmosphere in the house. The hanger is a comfortable device that allows you to arrange clothes, dishes, towels and various little things, for which it is sometimes so difficult to find a decent place. The original device not only frees up the usable area, but also gives a special “highlight” to the familiar interior.

The hanging hanger has long moved from the hallway and now finds application in any room: a graceful assistant arranges the work area in the kitchen, compactly places the laundry in the bathroom, and allows you to keep your favorite clothes on hand in the bedroom. The balcony is another place where you can not do without a convenient hinged structure. Indeed, in order to forget about floor dryers for clothes, it is quite easy to attach a hanger to the ceiling of the loggia.

Free shelves: hanging hanger for cups and kitchen items

Sometimes we encounter a problem: where to store all these lovely coffee and tea sets, weighty mugs, knives, potholders and towels? The space of kitchen cabinets, drawers and shelves is not infinite.hanging hanger An ideal solution for placing dishes would be a hanging hanger mounted in furniture or a wall.

In most cases, a hanger with cup hooks is mounted on the bottom of the wall cabinets and shelves. This design allows you to save space and always keep in mind the necessary utensils. And with the help of glass storage tanks you can effectively refresh the interior: the slender rows of elegant wine glasses and funny puffy cognac, shining under the rays of the built-in LED lamps, will be the perfect completion of the kitchen design.

To save space, you can use the surface of the cabinet doors: a hanging hanger for towels and tacks is appropriate here. These kitchen gizmos are as much an integral part of the interior as furniture. It is amazing how much the general perception of the room depends on discreet details: for example, using a set of towels with a thematic print, you can create the appropriate atmosphere on the eve of a particular holiday.

Storage of cutting items is not only a matter of convenience, but also of security. Magnetic hanging knife hanger ideally solves these problems. And the kitchen utensils are in sight, and you will not be able to accidentally cut yourself while searching for the desired item in the usual organizer for utensils. If metal appliances are not suitable for the kitchen interior, the magnetic board can be replaced with a wooden or plastic hanging hanger for knives, which in its shape resembles a cover.

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