Garage Storage Systems
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one way to store things in the garage

Garaks offers ergonomic and optimal storage systems for the garage. Premises of this type are often used not only for transport, but also as a workshop, pantry, utility room. A huge number of things are stored here: from tires, auto parts, tools to food. So that in such a room was in order, it is fundamentally correct to choose a garage storage system. Our specialists have professional knowledge and extensive experience in this field, so they will offer the best solution directly for your garage.

The main types of garage storage systems

Ceiling storage systems. They are used for rarely used or seasonal items, such as PVC boats or bicycles. The big advantage of ceiling systems will be that they allow you to use space that cannot be adapted to other needs. Wall-mounted storage systems. Such solutions are used to store tools, tires, etc. They can be lattice or solid shelves, hanging cabinets, hooks, etc. The location of wall-mounted storage systems for tools and other things is calculated by Garaks specialists in such a way as to use every available centimeter of space with benefit without creating clutter at the same time. Floor-standing storage systems. We want to offer durable plastic cabinets for garages. Such furniture can withstand operation in an unheated room. The most popular are double-wing models, the number of shelves and the height of floor garage systems varies.

Benefits of Collaboration

Individual approach. Developing garage storage systems for things, we are guided by the characteristics of a particular room, the purposes for which it is used, and the wishes of the owner. It is possible to order from us not only ready-made storage systems for things in the garage, but also wall decoration, filling floors made of polymer. We will perform the turnkey arrangement of the premises. Proven solutions. When designing tool storage systems in the garage, Garaks uses products and materials from trusted manufacturers such as the American brands Keter, Suncast. This allows us to guarantee the durability of finishes and furniture.

To buy a storage system for a garage or to order an outbuilding, contact Garaks via the online form or the methods provided on the Contact page.

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