Elfa Wardrobe Storage System
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The issue of comfortable storage of clothes needs a complete approach. Almost everything depends on whether there is a separate room for the wardrobe in the interior of the room or whether you plan to place all things, shoes and devices in the wardrobe.

When selecting furniture, the following points should be considered:

a huge number of shelves and drawers is not always comfortable, you don’t see your clothes, so you have to look for the right thing for a long time — the fasteners and fittings must be of high quality, and the material from which the furniture is made is eco-friendly wardrobe is the most practical option for storage of wardrobe. Depending on the size, you can order a corner or classic wardrobe, and the design of the facades can be any.

Experience shows that the more reliable and comfortable furniture you acquire, the less often you have to change the interior design. Today, the best offer for storing clothes is Elfa wardrobe furniture.

It is Elfa International AB that is considered a pioneer in the manufacture of shelves and baskets of wire coated with resistant epoxy paint. This invention was a real breakthrough and made Elfa sliding wardrobes popular in the world.

So, what is a Swedish storage system for a dressing room? It is a set of elements that you can place on the walls of the dressing room because you need to. Elfa storage systems offer several benefits:

original Swedish quality, known all over the world — the ability to use the available space for storing things to the maximum — environmentally friendly materials — modern design — 10 years guarantee for Elfa wardrobes — the best turnkey solutions for wardrobe rooms of any size — affordable prices — huge assortment.

The company offers its customers to create the perfect order with the help of Elfa developments. Swedish wardrobe systems Elfa come in different types:

The classic cabinet system is prefabricated modular cabinets that are spacious. Remember that after installing the modules that make up the cabinet frame, you will not be able to swap the cell-wardrobe system – it differs in that the shelves in it are made of metal nets. Such a dressing room looks literally weightless, which is practical for small rooms. Shelves can be easily rearranged as needed — an angular dressing room – in most cases, a combination of modules and mesh shelves is suitable for this case. One half of the corner dressing room can be made male, the second female or come up with another option for a utilitarian division of space.

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