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Wardrobe systems elfa - the price of the Swedish storage system. Buy

Elfa International AB (Sweden) is based in one thousand nine hundred and forty-seven years and is a world leader in the production of products for creating an excellent and multifunctional system for storing clothes (dressing rooms), household items, garage storage, office supplies, sports tools, etc. .

The company has six subsidiaries in Europe (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, France, Poland) and the USA. In the United States in the town of Dallas is the main office of the concern. Products are made in the town of Vastervik (Sweden).

Elfa is the ancestor of all mesh systems of flexible and strong storage and has been sold on all continents of the world for more than sixty years. Specifically, Elfa has developed a technology for the production of basket systems and shelves made of metal wire coated with epoxy paint. Thanks to our long-term wholesale, continuous product development and sense of order, we have created stable, durable and flexible storage solutions from the best materials. Elfa helps to free up additional space, creating a neat and beautiful look in any room.

Elfa storage can be installed almost anywhere. Numerous combinations make it ageless. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we give a 10-year warranty on it. A full range of products is in stock in Moscow, delivery and installation time from one day.

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Surely many of you have encountered such a problem as an insufficient amount of space, both at home and at work. Each time, setting a difficult task ahead of you, how can you save space with all this, so that everything is comfortable, beautiful, cozy and that is important at an affordable price. As a result, you were disappointed in the result.

But now we will help you find a way out of this situation – our Elfa company. We want to bring to your attention modular wardrobe systems for your home. With a huge selection of assortment, we can choose what you need and take into account your every wish. Wardrobe systems are suitable for the interior of your home, because thanks to it you will have much more free space, it is perfect for offices and other institutions, because thanks to their advantages they are very convenient and do not take up much space, which is just what what you need.

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