Do-it-yourself Storage System Master Class
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tool storage systemIt really is about the hanger, but it’s unusual – it’s not the clothes that will hang on it. In fact, everyone in the country has a tool, at least a manual one. When it becomes more and more (and this is inevitable!), There is a problem of storage. At first, many keep it in bags or boxes, which is awkward – you have to look for a suitable thing for a long time.

Make a special cabinet? This option is better, but you have to sacrifice usable space and spend money on materials. But in the workshop, in the hozblok or in the garage there are walls – why not use them? Do not hang pictures there?


In the near future, hinged storage systems for wardrobe rooms are very popular. Take some elements of one of them for the arrangement of the workshop. So, racks and brackets from the cheapest and simplest system were purchased at Kastorama. Two pine furniture panels and a few self-tapping screws were also purchased there (2). This set cost about one thousand rubles.

The furniture board has dimensions of 1000×200 mm. The length is one meter – this will be the length of the shelves. And in width, which is two hundred mm, you can cut off a little – one bar (3). Subsequently, it was decided to add a third regiment.


The edges of the shelves and rails must be worn (4). Well, the chamfer at the edges does not hurt.

We will deal with a shelf for direct placement of a tool, under which it is necessary to drill holes. This can be done with a circular saw. For example, a kit from KWB for holes of seven diameters (5). A saw was selected under the hammer (6), a mandrel for saws is visible in the foreground.

Drilling requires a drill mounted in a rack. Here is the case when the cartridge with the key turned out to be more convenient than the keyless one, because it allows you to tighten the equipment more tightly in a limited space (7). It is desirable to drill from two sides – and then there will be almost no chips (8). The drill hole on the opposite side will be indicated by the center drill. Done!

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