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Plastic Boxes and Curver Storage Boxes: Seven Ways

Curver is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic household items. The history of the formation of the company dates back one thousand nine hundred and forty-nine years, when Peter Curtis and Ed Vershuren founded the company for the production of glass products. The name of the company was formed from the merger of the names of two of its founders.

In the 1960s, the management of the company decided to focus on the production of products from plastic materials. Curver began to produce boxes for storing and transporting household items, furniture, laundry baskets, bins, packaging materials and many other products for all areas of everyday life. In the 80s. the company had tremendous potential development, becoming a fashion designer brand for home furnishings in Europe. Subsequent prospects for the existence of the brand were focused mainly on the conquest of world international markets for the sale of plastic goods for home and leisure.

In the 90s. last century, Curver brand products are also being sold in the United States. In 2009 The brand, the first in the world, developed and began mass production of a line of plastic products for pets.

Today Curver is Europe’s leader in plastic products. All products are characterized by consistently high quality, thoughtful design, taking into account modern needs and wishes of customers. The company offers an extensive selection of plastic products for home use, including a series of pet products under the PetLife brand. These are sun loungers, plastic containers for storing food, carrying and toilets for cats.

So, all containers have airtight closures that provide freshness to the feed, and numerous compartments that allow you to store various animal accessories in a clean and tidy. For lovers of rodents, any of these containers is offered in a mini model, optimally suited for the size of the animal. Top-mounted carrying boxes feature a robust closing system. And the design of the body provides the animal with the flow of air and light, and the owner can pet and feed his pet at any time.

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