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Photo: In Style, Tips, Kitchen - Photos onThe smaller the area of ​​our kitchens, the more problems and migraines they provoke. Perhaps the ability to place on 5-6 square meters a lot of suitable jars, bags, pots and all sorts of other things, of which there is a huge huge amount in the kitchens, is a whole art.

In attempts to learn how to rationalize a place in the kitchen, we found a few thoughts for clever storage of things. Use the tips!

Cutting boards

The most successful method is to vertically place them in a closet or on shelves. It can be a drawer, a frame attached to the cabinet door, or something else that fits very comfortably into the place of your kitchen.


Any housewife will get this kind of stuff for a couple of boxes. And you need to place it not just so that it takes up a lot of space, but so that it is convenient to use.

Most suitable drawers are divided into sections. If your kitchen does not have large cabinets, the jars can be placed on open shelves, at the same time decorating the kitchen, choosing a beautiful and unusual container for food.


Storage of vegetables usually causes no less difficulties than many small cans. They need a special temperature and humidity. However, if you usually need a small amount of onions, or potatoes, they will look good in such bags. And they are convenient to use!

And you can use quite traditional ways.


How often do you have to dive into the closet in search of the most needed saucepan, lost somewhere in the depths, or get it out with a roar, taking out along the way everything that blocked it? Modern storage systems allow you to place all the dishes in the most convenient way.

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