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How to arrange storage boxes in the kitchen so that all the necessary utensils and cutlery are always at hand? This question worries many women who want to quickly find the right thing in the midst of a huge number of kitchen accessories. WESTWING found the answer to this question, which can significantly simplify the process of making food and help readers of our online magazine simply maintain perfect order in the kitchen.

Thinking about the interior of the kitchen, virtually any hostess is in search of beautiful and stylish materials for decorating a room, original furniture for a window opening, multifunctional home appliances, but often forgets about the main thing – planning the location of drawers for storing dishes, towels, cereals, spices and others numerous things. This moment needs to be emphasized. Indeed, due to the correct arrangement of storage boxes in the kitchen, you can significantly reduce the number of movements during the cooking process. This will help skilled magicians to forget about the concept of “fatigue”, obtained as a result of the tedious process of preparing different dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Creating a kitchen set project

How to arrange storage boxes in the kitchen? This question is one of the first to be asked by a consultant of any furniture store when you decide to order a kitchen set. Therefore, you need to make sketches on paper yourself, in a calm home environment, imagining yourself as a designer. This will help you clearly set the task for the furniture specialist.

In the process of creating a headset project, remember that in the working area where the main cooking will take place – food cleaning and meat cutting, there should be a maximum number of roomy drawers. This will allow one hand to get a chopping board, the necessary knife for cutting certain products, a paper towel, containers for preparing salads or other dishes. Therefore, in all hanging and floor cabinets adjacent to the working area, every centimeter of furniture should be used to the maximum.

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