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By: Date: 17.03.2021 Categories: Storage

How fast and true to pack. Tips for those who plan to store things in repair and relocation.

When a family starts repairs and moving, it turns out that the most difficult part is not the repair process itself, and not even the issue of financing, it is most difficult to decide and understand how to pack things when moving and where to store furniture and all other property during the repair.

If you have already decided to use the services of storing things during repairs and moving to one of the MOBIUS warehouse sites, then we would like to give you some tips on packing things when moving.

Fast and inexpensive packing when movingIt’s worth starting packing when moving to get enough packaging material in advance. For you you need to purchase boxes of various sizes, foamed film, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, stretch film. Under your arm should always be: scotch tape, scissors and felt-tip pens. Do not overload the boxes, especially with regard to the packaging of books. Firstly, when you will carry such a box to load it into the car when moving, it may not be able to withstand the bottom. Secondly, if you do not plan to invite specially trained movers, then take pity on your back. In the standard, the weight of the box where you put things should not exceed 30 kg. How to check it? Just try moving the box with your thumb. If it doesn’t work, then the box will have to be unloaded. Sign all boxes with a felt-tip pen. Packing clothes when moving is not an easy task. Try not to use the vacuum bags that are often advertised now. Delicate fabrics and designer cuts may not return to shape after the abuse table. The same applies to high-tech sportswear with membranes. If you want to save space, then put in such bags only bedding and towels. To pack your wardrobe when repairing or moving, use boxes, but rather purchase special covers and a portable fabric box with a clothes storage system. Office equipment and household appliances should be packed directly into their “native” boxes when moving and repairing, if they aren’t preserved, use first bubble wrap, and then fold them in boxes as well. In this way, you will protect the transported office equipment from mechanical damage. Do not be lazy to pack and disassemble furniture. Pre-wrap upholstered furniture with a cloth or bubble wrap, fix the result with stretch film. If you transport or intend to store the furniture unassembled, put all small parts, carnations, handles, docking elements, etc. into a small plastic bag and attach to one of the surfaces. If you do not have time on your own …

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