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How to tidy your wardrobe - Wonderzine instructions5 tips to help organize your wardrobe

There are a huge number of troubles for each wardrobe: from the inability to find a suitable thing to a frustrated state in front of a mountain of clothes. Now society is advocating for the conscious and rational consumption of things: better less, but better. We are aware that shopping has become a part of our leisure time and there’s no escape from the dominance of things, and have collected some tips that will help you figure out your personal place, review and organize your wardrobe so that you don’t drown in a pile of dresses and you have a place for new finds.

Wardrobe – these are things that you wear intensively at the moment. Therefore, the first and most correct step is to get rid of all the old things that you have not worn for at least a year. Whatever sentimental feelings you may feel for a worn sweater or shoes from the graduation party, it is better to dispose of the old-time cache and not to be a hostage of things anymore. Shake out your entire wardrobe, review each item, measure and look with a fresh look. Is this or that thing combined with anything at all? Throw a party and give old things to friends, take them to a garage sale or give them to those in need, but don’t accumulate clothing ballast for years. Fashion and design are changing rapidly, and if you follow fashion, then, of course, your tastes have evolved and changed dozens of times with age, so there’s nothing to save from the past. Throw out, distribute and create space for the new!

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