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What to give to a person who has everything? It is not a question if you yourself have everything. He has diamond earrings for you, you give him diamond cufflinks. He is Parker for you, you are Breguet. He is for you the Faberge testicles, you give him the head of Goliath. The exchange of gifts between wealthy people is, in fact, a vanity fair. Another thing is when your friend has everything, but you … have even less.

The most reasonable thing is to call the birthday man and honestly admit: “I can’t think of what to give for you. Any suggestions? ” Naturally, it’s not a fact that they will give you the correct clue here. Your wealthy friend or relative, informed about the difference in monetary statuses, will start to dismiss: “What are you! The main thing is your presence! ” But it is possible that he really needs some ordinary thing. And he (she) is already so rich and busy that it is bad for himself where ordinary things are bought: flowers in pots, rags for plasma monitors, home slippers in the end … Do you remember how Dumbledore told Harry Potter: “For many years, everything give me only smart books. And I so dream of a pair of woolen socks! ”

Woolen socks, by the way, are a very good gift. Nobody sells them, except for grandmothers in the markets. And they warm and treat in the same way as a hundred years ago – it is better than thermal underwear and electric blankets. You know how to knit yourself – great! The gift can be exclusive. Especially for a hunter or, say, a fisherman (rich men often have this kind of hobby). You knit a sock or even golf – under marsh boots – and along the entire length instead of an ornament you knit or embroider an instruction: “For hunting” or “For fishing”. Do not doubt that the gift will be used for its intended purpose, and not sent to the garbage chute.

In theory

Many of us are mistaken in believing that it is easy to choose a gift for a person who has a hobby … If your friend is only at the origins of his collection or just the day before yesterday addicted to hunting (fishing, cigar tasting, pottery), then you can intervene. A certificate for a master class in cooking sushi, (pizza, tea), for a lesson in pottery, horseback riding or hang gliding can be bought at any “adventure store” – the Internet is plentiful with them. The issue price is from 1, five to three thousand. For 10−20 you can fly a fighter and drive on an all-terrain vehicle. In the “City of Hobbies” or the “Fair of Hobbies” there is a gift that suits you at a price, and for the hero of the occasion – on the topic of the collection.

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