Wardrobe Trunks for Diy Storage Master
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The inevitable reached me too – repair! In the remodeling of my own apartment – and I can’t boast of impressive dimensions – I took the modern approach: minimum furniture, maximum functionality. In order not to clutter up the already small space of the rooms with cabinets and wardrobe, a separate room for things was designed. The locker room contains everything that spoils the design and interferes with a comfortable life. But the question arose: what to do with shoes? At least some modern girl has a lot of her: several pairs of boots for each season, shoes for going out, daily, for that very dress, and for another, for a reddish handbag … and also comfortable shoes for trips to the country, sneakers of several colors … And this is not counting the shoes of other household members! Where to put all this property? And how to keep it so that beloved shoes do not lose their appearance? Let’s try to figure it out.

Traditional shoe racks or fashionable galoshes?

We are all used to the fact that the shoes in the apartment are stored at the very entrance – in the hallway. It’s convenient: you get into the right model at the door and go about your business. And dirt gets into the apartment at least. Nevertheless, many complain that the brand-new repair of the corridor spoils the not always attractive look of old boots or sneakers that have seen life. How to equip a comfortable and beautiful “sleeping” place for shoes?

The easiest option is to put a shoe rack at the entrance to the apartment. They are open and closed. Personally, I leaned in favor of the second, until knowledgeable people made me doubt it. When choosing, it is worth considering the nuances:

in closed cabinets, the shoes “do not breathe”, from a lack of ventilation it quickly becomes worthless. Odor accumulates, not always pleasant. In addition, closed types of galoshes are less capacious – open shoe racks are not very attractive in appearance and less hygienic. This is especially important for families with pets and small children. Dust accumulates in them faster, getting on your precious shoes as well.

Vertical shoe racks are now popular, they are called slim cabinets. In such “slender” cabinets, shoes are not on the sole, as if on toes. This is a great option for small hallways, such cabinets take up less space, unlike traditional ones – their width is about twenty centimeters. The depth of a classic horizontal shoe rack is usually thirty-five to fifty cm.

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