Tree Storage Chest
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New trends - a chest in the interior

It would seem that chests have long come out of our everyday life and in modern houses are practically not found. But with the spread of authentic trends in design, fashion has returned to the chests. Currently, in addition to its own direct function of storing things, chests have also become an interior decoration, especially if we are talking about such a generous and beautiful species of wood like teak.

The company “Teak House” offers to purchase a wooden chest in Moscow and St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg). A large selection of models of various colors and sizes will allow you to choose the right chest for any interior.

In addition to outdoor aesthetics, teak wood has excellent characteristics, thanks to which teak furniture is very expensive.

Advantages of teak chests:

Due to the richness of natural oils and resins, teak wood is not afraid of the negative effects of the environment – the sun, water, temperature changes, etc. If the teak has dried in natural conditions, its structure is incredibly strong and stable. A boat, boats and marinas are built from such wood. Teak furniture is not spoiled by insects, so it does not need additional treatment with protective chemical solutions. Also, due to natural oils, teak is not affected by fungus or mold, which is especially important if the furniture is planned to be used in damp room. The service life of teak furniture is decades. A chest made of this tree can become your family value passed from generation to generation.

You can buy a wooden chest in Moscow and St. Petersburg (SPb) in one of the four showrooms of our company. At the expositions in the Teak House showrooms, many models are available. If you have not found a suitable option, you can order a wooden chest in the online store of the company. Our catalogs contain product information and current prices for wooden chests.

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