Storage of Things in the Common Corridor
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Slam the doors back and forth, an excess key, takes up excess space. The neighbors on the landing and their belongings in the stairwell. Section: Holivar (is it possible to store great in the entrance).

Section: Holivar (is it possible to store great in the entrance). There is a special lockable room for strollers and bicycles if you do not want to store it at home or in the pantry., Karola.

Section: Difficulties with neighbors (whether children have the right to sit in the porch). If I’m not mistaken, can I call the police only after 20 three ?, lacerta (gkfdey in the system).

Section: Dogs (carpet in the entrance). Dissatisfied neighbors – what would you do? in some places I read explanations that there should not be skis or bicycles in the halls … And even strollers. :) Or according to fire safety requirements, or some other way.

Now all the great keep inside the quarter., Roza Konstantinovna. Could be hidden on the stairs on the top floor. But for at least some without the help of neighbors on the porch could not do.

You can reduce it by using a constantly moistened rag to poke your door. Well, you can still defiantly go out to the pipes there are pipes, they will freeze, but +1 is already normal. I, when the bike dangled, I wrote him a statement about the loss, but to no avail.

Can I have a couple of questions? How long do you get to work? And how do you solve personal hygiene issues ?, Day-dreamer. In my opinion, one and a half to two hours of cycling per day cannot be useless for a figure, even if the load is not …

Tell me, do I have the moral right to ask them to remove the bike from the common corridor? You can start a showdown with your neighbors only in one case – if you yourself are ready in the future to NOTHING ANYTHING in the corridor.

And also a bicycle was stolen from our elder. Cut the cable in the entrance To steal a thing from a child, fu (from a son "full size" we’re already holding an adult bicycle in an apartment in the corridor. It’s great, I can imagine how insulting it’s, okay, you can survive, but when they take it away …

Fortunately, this is hardly possible in our house. :) I’m not sure about the chain – is it needed? But without a balcony, I can’t imagine where else it could be stored. Although I saw a one-room apartment with a bicycle stored there (in tandem, moreover) – into a wall under …

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