Mesh Storage Systems
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Metal frame system

This is the system in which metal and wood mix. In such a system, you can use the whole place from floor to ceiling, due to the fact that the rear wall is missing in the system, a feeling of spaciousness and lightness and spaciousness of the structure is created. A cool frame made of metal structures dilutes wood shelves and drawers.

The versatility of the system allows you to resize, the location of the shelves can be changed to suit your needs. It is possible to increase or decrease the number of rods under the clothes on the shoulders, make them level, or even remove them.

In addition, the metal frame system can be mounted both along the wall and as a partition in the room.

Dressing rooms with metal-frame systems look very beautiful in design and cost, and even here they didn’t work without flaws. Shelves in such a system have conditional sides or none at all, if you stack a high pile of clothes, it can fall apart.

Mesh system

Fairly lightweight and versatile suspension system.

The whole structure consists of a supporting rail, which is mounted horizontally on the wall near the ceiling, and vertical guides that are attached to the rail. On the guides along the entire length there are holes for cantilever fasteners of grids and shelves.

With these holes, the height of the shelves is easily adjustable. Because the guides move easily along the rail, it is easy to adjust the width of the shelves. Special runners allow you to make shelves and baskets retractable. The mesh system is compact and this is its advantage, even if you have a small room you can arrange a full wardrobe room.

Clothing is not difficult to find on mesh shelves; it is always aired. Today there is a large assortment of accessories for mesh wardrobe. Starting from hooks, hangers for trousers, ties and belts, and a lot of different little things.

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