Keeping House Things Ideas Do It Yourself
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DIY home things

2. An old cabinet for storing documentation that fits perfectly into your garage

Each person, one way or another, can come across one of the similar iron ciphers. You can use this large piece of metal, put it in the garage and turn it into a place to store tools, rakes, shovels and a huge number of other things that are usually always scattered throughout the garage.

3. Make a children’s table for creativity from the cradle

At some point, the crib ceases to be suitable and just takes up space in your home. If you have no relatives or friends who could use such a bed, you can turn it into a small table for creativity for your own kids. Be sure they will be delighted!

4. The new life of the old TV

Nowadays, these old TVs can be found very, very rare, but if you find one, take it to yourself! You can use a carved and very solid wooden structure to make an original shelf.

5. Bench from a bookshelf

Probably the simplest idea for transforming furniture is to create a bench from a shelf for storing books. Turn it over, add cushions for the seat, make legs and voila, a new beautiful bench in your room!

6. Creative idea of ​​a table for Lego

Take a good look at your old furniture. Such a table can easily be transformed into a small “Lego Land”. In it, you can provide a basket for the designer and many other convenient “things” for the game of your child.

7. Old TV cabinet becomes a game kitchen

Creating this miracle for yourself, you can choose all kinds of colors and textures without spending significant funds. Just look at the little window in this kitchenette! You will need a lot of patience for this type of creativity, but this is without a doubt a wonderful project that will make your child insanely happy!

8. Idea for updating a dresser

Just remove some of the bottom drawers and you will have a place where you can put a couple of baskets. In this way your dresser will look stylish and completely new!

9. Using bunk bed parts to create a coat rack

Realizing this idea, you will get a new set of hangers with several hooks that can be placed in the room at the entrance to the house or in the hallway. In addition, their width can be used to attach a shelf on top for storing small items such as hats, gloves, scarves and more.

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