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Bad posters left over from your predecessor, dirty mugs, a mountain of unnecessary documents – down with this trash. We disassemble the debris on the table and form the correct working environment.

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First, throw away all the unnecessary and leftover things from the previous employee: posters, notebooks with working notes, old mugs, magazines, etc. Now this is your workplace and you need to change it to your needs and tastes. This is a very important point that will help you feel at ease at a new place.

Many psychologists believe that the colors that surround a person affect his mental health and mood. So, yellow is associated with comfort, light and stimulates to work, red provokes aggression, excessive excitement, sometimes even fear, white is too neutral in color and can lead to inaction and procrastination. Pay attention to what colors in the office surround you, try to analyze how they affect you. Compare with the situation at the previous place of work: where your mood is better, where you are more productive, how pleasant it is for you to be in a particular room. If you come to the conclusion that the surrounding colors are nervous, affect the performance or just do not like it, put yourself objects that will slightly change the color palette. Buy a cork board on which you can attach your favorite color pictures, clippings from magazines, photographs, put figures of your favorite colors next to your computer, even pay attention to such trifles as pens and pencils – they also create an atmosphere.

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By the way, stationery – greatly contribute to the creation of a personalized space. Replace the yellow square stickers with colorful ones, instead of the usual pens with a transparent case, buy the ones with the picture.

Plant a small flower in a beautiful pot. Plants – recognized geniuses of comfort, they will decorate even the most modest and gray room. If you are not too obligatory and are afraid that you will forget to water the plant, then choose from among those that do not require special care (we wrote about such in this article).

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