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10 options for storing things in the hallway | WESTWING

Hangers with curtains, like powerful cabinets, have long gone out of fashion. Comfortable, compact wardrobes are often chosen for a modern hallway: they can be stored all year round in their coats, raincoats and jackets, they do not mess and do not interfere. If the street has suddenly become colder or warmer, you should not waste time looking for suitable clothes: all of them hang in the hallway. The Re-Forma company will make convenient and multifunctional sliding wardrobes in strict accordance with your wishes!

How to choose a wardrobe for outerwear?

In the manufacture of wardrobes to order, you can plan several sections to store clothes by season. A good option – your own rods and shelves in accordance with the growth of each family member.

A sliding wardrobe in a hall is a very practical piece of furniture.

Sliding doors do not require additional space. You can choose the built-in option, place it along a free wall or in the corner, creating the feeling of a small dressing room. Built-in wardrobes are easy to mount in a cramped entrance hall, but be prepared for the fact that you can’t move them: such designs usually do not have a back and side walls. But if there is a niche in the corridor, the cabinet can be placed in it to save space. The corner cabinet looks compact, and at the same time it is quite roomy. You can store shoes and household items in it. If you choose a cabinet facade to match the walls, the design will be almost invisible. To increase the space, you can make one or all the doors mirrored, with additional illumination.

Cases for a hall from the furniture company “Re-Form” (Ufa)

In most apartments, the corridors are small or very narrow. Not in each of them it is possible to install a standard cabinet in such a way that it does not interfere with the opening of doors, does not stand in the aisle. Therefore, we want to offer the residents of Ufa sliding wardrobes in the hallway to order. Our experts take measurements and then simulate the design on a computer. This approach allows you not to clutter up a small area, choose the most convenient position for the cabinet, and improve the aesthetics of the room.

We guarantee:

The reliability of our furniture. The entrance hall will last several decades. Environmental friendliness and high quality materials. Our company works only with time-tested brands. Compliance of the result with all customer requirements.

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