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By: Date: 07.08.2020 Categories: Boxes

Chests for storing things - Apusshop Office & Online Store

Chests – furniture from the past, which evenly becomes more and more necessary in modern houses. If you want to buy a chest for storing things, look for an elegant, unique designer copy, look at the PUSHASTORE online store. You will find cheap models resembling decorative boxes for dressing tables, as well as huge wooden floor models that can accommodate a huge number of things, from guest utensils to bedding.

We want to offer unique products from world-famous American and European brands that can become a central element of decor in all interior styles. Decent wood items will take their rightful place in traditional designs, lightweight plastic boxes will become an exquisite addition to modern trends: minimalism, loft, hi-tech, modern, etc.

Furniture that can be selected in the product catalog can be used in the interior of any room:

Bedroom. Located primarily at the foot of the bed, the chest will serve as a banquet. It is convenient to fold bedspreads and home clothes on it. It will become a wonderful repository of bedding, towels. Compact models will replace jewelry boxes, cosmetics, needlework, sewing. The frequent use of a chest in this room is as a coffee table. Tip: a lot of small items are constantly stored on the lid, which will need to be cleaned every time in order to get inside the furniture. Therefore, it is better to store things that are rarely used inside the chest: family photo albums, old books, memorabilia, dishes, etc. You can put an interior item near the wall near an armchair or sofa by placing a table lamp on it. Get a comfortable reading corner. Here it will become a wonderful repository of toys, books, paints, felt-tip pens. It fits perfectly into the interior of the room for boys, decorated in a pirate style, and for girls, because in the castle of the princess it is impossible to do without a beautiful chest. In the bowels of the furniture there is enough space for storing utensils and cutlery, tablecloths and napkins used for serving the festive table, bottles of wine, etc. Bath. Towels, packages of sea salt, shampoos, balms – all this and much more are located inside the product. On the surface of the chest, it will be possible to fold clothes before taking a bath.

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