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korobki-dlya-pereezda-kakie-vybrat-i-gde-kupit01When moving, one of the burning issues is packaging. If you want things to be delivered to a new place safe and sound, then this issue needs to be carefully thought out, especially which boxes to choose for moving and where to buy them. Cargo packaging should be painstaking and non-hazardous. It’s especially difficult to find the right options if you are trying to organize your own relocation for the first time. The advice of professionals will help you keep your things.

Packaging – what might be required?

At any move you need to pack completely different things – from books to fragile services, from bulky home appliances to various little things. For reliable packaging of various items, you will need boxes and boxes, bags and packages, scotch tape and rope, polystyrene foam and film with air bubbles. In construction stores, all this is easily purchased.

If you do not plan to spend much, then part of the package can be replaced with the means at hand. For example, newspapers and paper, cloth, bedding, and blankets can be used to preserve fragile items. Boxes and other packaging can not only be bought, but also purchased for free, you just need to know the right places for this.

Search for boxes for moving in Moscow

It is very convenient to pack in boxes or cardboard boxes. They can be bought at large hypermarkets and chain supermarkets. Boxes are given free of charge in Moscow stores such as Leroy Merlin or Auchan. There is a special counter in the Metro where they put unnecessary boxes. From here you can pick them up completely freely.

However, if there are other stores nearby, you can also contact them. Call or go to a bookstore, a grocery store or a store selling toys and goods for children – for sure you can be offered the right packaging very cheaply or completely free.

If you do not have time to search, contact the online store. Here you can choose boxes for moving and buy any suitable packaging with delivery directly to the place where you will pack. The average cost of a cardboard container is thirty rubles. The final price depends on the size of the boxes. Delivery cost is paid separately and also depends on the quantity of the ordered containers and the overall dimensions of the cargo.

Luggage packing

You need to pack carefully and neatly. Fragile items should be tightly wrapped in newspapers, cloth or bubble wrap. You can shift them with foam or foam. In the box they need to be properly fixed so that they do not hit each other. If voids form inside, they must be filled with crumpled paper or rags. Mark boxes with fragile items.

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