Plastic Storage Boxes
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Varieties of boxes for things Cardboard boxes. This type of box is more common than all the others. When choosing a container, you need to consider the most important thing – the weight of the items that will be stored in it. It is also necessary to take into account in what places the box will stand, whether there will be changes in temperature and humidity. If there are differences, then boxes for storing things from cardboard in this case cannot be used, stronger materials are needed.

Everyone gets shoes, home appliances, which they bring home in boxes of various shapes and sizes. They do not need to be thrown out. It may be that for someone they can become a source of inspiration, because they can make a set of elements of the same shape with different sizes. Such cases are pasted over with pieces of wallpaper, gift paper, and someone sheathes them with cloth. Decorated boxes are set in descending order with a pyramid, and they effectively decorate the room. Absolutely everything can be stored in cases: cosmetics, jewelry, and even seasonal shoes, etc.

Wicker boxes. Specialists in interior design generate a ton of ideas for storing a large amount of things in modern apartments. Thanks to their work, those inhabitants who once again were present in our ancestors’ houses again are returning to us – these are woven products. Their return does not occur quietly and imperceptibly, but proudly and openly. They finally took their place in the house for a long time, in every room. In the modern version, they represent baskets and boxes for children’s toys, baskets for cabinets, woven from special materials, they decorate the interior. Wicker boxes surprise with their natural beauty, originality, environmental friendliness and practicality. They are convenient to use, it is pleasant to look at them. Such baskets are really original. Especially well they fit into the style of vintage, country and provence …

Boxes made of plastic. Plastic material is lightweight, so plastic trays are considered universal devices that are convenient for storing various things, the boxes can be disassembled, installed into each other as needed, and then simply put into a cabinet, this reduces the space required for them while these items Not needed. All plastic boxes or containers available …

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