Making Boxes for Storing Things with Your own Hands
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small-pieces-tissue-hand-made-ideasAt least some needlewoman or seamstress has a braid, and from time to time a whole box with the remains of fabrics. Sometimes in their midst there are so small pieces that they cannot be called otherwise “scraps”. Well, the bigger one still seems too small for some serious ideas. However, even if you yourself do not sew, it is possible that such remnants of fabrics will be found in the mother or grandmother in the closet …

Throwing away such small pieces of tissue, the hand does not rise or no time is found.

Our suggestion: select the ones that you like best and give them a chance to decorate your home! In the do-it-yourself gallery for creative work that we have assembled for you, you will find that even from very tiny pieces of fabric and, moreover, from residues up to 50-70 cm long, you can create wonderful decorations for the interior.

With all this, we will not talk about collages, updating curtains and quilting. Consider other non-banal options. We divided all ideas into four parts:

how to update furniture with the help of fabric remnants — original ideas for accessories — ways to decorate a children’s room with remnants of fabrics — decor of simple containers for storing little things – kitchen or handicraft (decoration of cans, boxes, baskets).

Do I need to be able to sew (and have a sewing machine in the house)? Almost always – completely optional! After all, the fabric can simply be glued, just as you would for the remnants of wallpaper.recycled-things-to-christmas-deco-part2 However, for some projects, sewing skills will still be required.

Choose what you like and your “level of difficulty”, and then decorate the interior with pieces of fabric – it’s easy and interesting!


How to update furniture with the rest of the fabric:

Let’s start with the idea invented in IKEA. The legs of a regular table or coffee table are a great object for creativity. The remains of fabrics are the smallest or even ribbons cut from In photo-1, such tapes are wrapped around round metal legs and partially fixed with glue, in photo-2 – pieces of fabric are glued to wooden legs and partially to the countertop.

Now try to decorate the metal head of the bed, enhancing the vintage charm. The checkered fabric is cut off with a thin ribbon, folded in half, and then sewn along the long side, the resulting braid was wrapped around the head of the head and tied with a flirty bow (photo-3). The second option – if you have more such fabric, sew from it a semblance of a cover on the headboard (photo-4).

upgrade-chest-of-drawers-10-makeover-ideas diy-creative-bedside-shelves

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