Ikea Boxes for Storage of Small Things
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Children’s room should become a safe and comfortable place for development. A correctly furnished room helps the child maintain order in the room, pay appropriate attention to learning and useful hobbies.

A good example of “developing” furniture is the children’s kitchen of Ikea – a small island of independence, which through the game teaches kids to worry about their diet. Ikea’s catalog offers a lot of entertaining thoughts for organizing a place. Furnish your room with smart furniture – help children grow!

Care from Ikea – children’s “for growth”

Each child needs strong and beautiful furniture, the dimensions of which correspond to his age and needs. Children in the Ikea style amuse the composition of functionality and elegant design. Each chair or bed, desk or glove cabinet is made from environmentally friendly materials according to competent drawings.

The design of the nursery is changed during the growth of the child, which requires huge expenses for the purchase of the latest furniture. What is unique about ikeev furniture? She does not become obsolete! It is enough to make a permutation or to buy the missing elements so that the space “matured” with the child.

Growing furniture “Stuva”

Stylish photos of the “smart” furniture of the “Stuva” series are a clear proof of the successful embodiment of Ikea’s philosophy in the interior of the nursery.

The Stuva catalog offers many successful solutions for the rooms of babies (from birth to three years), curious preschoolers (up to seven years of age) and young schoolchildren (up to twelve years).

Furniture for babies:

Designer bed for a newborn, with a simulated mattress height – the baby grows up, the bottom of the bed falls closer to the floor so that the child can sleep on their own.

A changing table with an adjustable worktop that transforms into a desk for a preschooler.

“Growing” furniture for preschool children:

Block cabinets and bedside tables, allowing to design a “furniture wall” depending on the needs of the child and the size of the room.

Children’s tables “outgrowth” with adjustable legs and an additional unit for storing office supplies.

Boxes from the Kusiner series that solve the problem of organizing children’s toys, creative materials, and crafts.

Comfortable furniture for students:

An attic bed will help parents save space, and their child will literally feel at their best.

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