How to Beautifully Design a Storage Box
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25 ideas after which you don’t want to throw cardboard boxes

A cardboard box is a very versatile thing. It is immediately functional and can bring the freshest notes into the interior (naturally, if it is embellished a little in advance). Just think, and the entire mess will fit in itself (pins, buttons, coins, or maybe something larger), and it will be pretty on the shelf. And “dressing up” an ordinary cardboard box into the latest stylish and beautiful clothes is painfully simple. To do this, you need only some consumables (fabric, paper, threads, etc.), small skills in needlework, just a drop of imagination, creative impulses and a great desire to decorate, improve or update the interior of your home.

For not big things shoe boxes will also fit perfectly. But you can use any container to store your belongings, even small shoe boxes, even large ones — those in which electronic devices or equipment are bought. The main thing is that the box is solid enough.

There are many ways to transform a box. You can wrap it in beautiful colorful fabric or glue it with colored paper with pictures, you can use the glue and threads to create a decent box for the box, or you can make straw or twigs. There is already enough imagination. But perhaps the simplest and most common option is to glue the box with a cloth.

In order to glue the box, you will need: a brush, PVA glue, scissors and a cloth. Open the fabric so that you get two parts (one for the lid, the other for the box itself). For the cover, the fabric part is cut out equal to its width and length plus twice the width of the sides of the cover and a small centimeter margin. And for a box equal to its perimeter, plus two cm. The width of this part should be equal to the height of the sides of the box plus three cm. After the patterns are ready, you can safely take on the glue. Glue the blanks from the fabric to the box and its lid. Cut off excess fabric at the corners, but be careful with all this.

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