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Agree, the anticipation of a gift is not the least pleasure than the gift itself! Ah, those sweet moments, when you try to guess what is hidden inside the dressed up box, eagerly untie the satin ribbons, tear off the crunchy paper covers!

But it’s nice not only to unwrap the gifts, but also to pack them. Buying pleasant things in advance for employees, choosing gifts for those closest to you and while away the winter evenings for their design and signing cards is the sure way to wake up the New Year mood if it is still asleep!

We decided to take a look at what Google responds to the query “do-it-yourself gift boxes”, realize the prettiest and yet simple ideas and share the experience with you.

Masu box

For warm-up, we chose masu boh – an origami box. You can even roll up such a taxi on the way to visit: you will not need either scissors or glue, only a couple of sheets of paper. Moreover, the simple principle of their creation will be mastered even by those whose highest achievement in origami is paper airplanes.

Photo – artisbellus.com. Scheme.

Notes and Tips:

origami box1. For this box we selected “Leonardo” thick double-sided scrapbooking paper (40 rubles per sheet), but that was a mistake. Firstly, the flip side of the paper would still be ultimately hidden. Secondly, the paper was too dense and therefore unsuitable for origami: poorly bent and cracked on the folds. In the end, I had to fold from color paper with a density of one hundred twenty g / m2 (10 rubles per A4 sheet), although a thinner one would fit perfectly.

2.!origami box We decided that if you cut the sheet by three to four millimeters, then this is enough, but in the end the parts of the box still turned out to be almost the same.

3. You can decorate the box (and at the same time hide the extra folds on the lid) using ribbons (a set of five satin ribbons with New Year’s prints cost us about one hundred and fifty p.). Advice for perfectionists: to hide the edges, thread them into the slots in the lid (you can easily figure out where to make them) and grab them from the inside with glue and pencil. Be sure to loosen the tapes slightly so that the cover can be bent.

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