Do It Yourself in a Closet
By: Date: 22.07.2020 Categories: Boxes

The article contains practical advice from the head technologist of furniture production – Timur Denisov on the multifunctional use of the interior space of the closet. Also, a detailed description of the self-creation of the cabinet design.

In the previous article, I outlined and showed on an example how to correctly measure a room, where it is intended to install a sliding wardrobe. I understand that the hands are already scratching, and a spotless sheet and a pencil are attracted, seemingly saying: “Well, let’s begin to draw the cabinet itself!”

I will advise you to tolerate a little and carefully read information on how to properly use the internal space of a future cabinet … In my memory there are many cases when a cabinet ordered in a hurry simply could not contain everything that the owners wanted to store in it.

Maximum use of the interior space of the wardrobe

In order to properly plan a wardrobe, initially you need to determine its purpose. In other words, understand what things you are going to store in it.

For example, if there is a closet for the hallway, then, definitely, there will be outerwear and shoes, if for the bedroom there will be underwear, everyday dresses and bedding, for the nursery – toys, things for the child, possibly books.

Also in large sliding wardrobes you can place a vacuum cleaner, ironing board and more.

Where to begin:

decide what items the new wardrobe should contain; carefully examine the wardrobe you are currently using to identify weaknesses and strengths: what is convenient in it and what you would like to change; measure things that you plan to store in yet nonexistent closet. If these are towels, sheets, t-shirts – put them in convenient stacks and measure the height and width of the entire pyramid. If boxes with shoes – measure several, standing on top of each other. Vacuum cleaner, ironing board – make measurements of dimensions. Clothes that are supposed to hang — measure height and width together with shoulders — study the proposed accessories for filling the wardrobe — pull-out baskets, elevators, small things for ties and belts, various functional shelves on rails and more. Here it is necessary not only to study the picture, but also pay attention to the dimensions and tolerances of the fittings, because it is not always what you dream about that fits in your closet.

Write down all the obtained values, all sizes, all conclusions and wishes on a piece of paper, so that in the process of self-designing a sliding wardrobe you will not forget about aspects that are important to you.

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