DIY Storage Organizers
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Organizers for scarves and beltsIt doesn’t matter which lady who is anxious about her own wardrobe knows that there are not many accessories. The ladies’ arsenal of scarves, shawls, stoles, belts and other essential accessories is often supplemented with new items. It’s unrealistic not to get a beautiful scarf for a brand new coat, and not to choose a pretty scarf for a dress. But how to store all this wealth without violating the overall harmony?

Organizers for scarves and wardrobe strapsOrganizers for accessories

Let’s see how and where to store scarves and belts so that they do not get lost and do not get confused. Most scarves can be put in drawers. Silk shawls can be folded into a square or hung on special designs. Accessories that have a different texture can be twisted or formed into a ball. They can be placed in special organizers for scarves and belts.

Organizers for scarves and beltsArranging belts is not at all difficult. Sort them by color and type. It is most convenient to store them twisted into “coils”. Keep the belt buckles on the outside. So you will be sure that the accessories will not be damaged. Put an elastic band around your belt to prevent unwinding of the coil.

Organizers for scarves and beltsIf the belts are not very rigid in texture, then they can be knitted into beautiful knots and put into a basket. It is not only convenient, but also beautiful. You can fold accessories in boxes, boxes or trays. Another great way to store belts is to hang them on devices resembling ordinary hangers.

The most elegant way to store belts is to use retractable brackets.Organizers for scarves and belts in the closet They are inexpensive and can easily be built into a wardrobe. In the large dressing room you can provide sliding compartments. They can store not only belts, but also, for example, ties.

Many furniture manufacturers bring to our attention extendable modules, in which there are a large number of compartments. A more economical alternative is a set of special boxes for a chest of drawers. They can store scarves, jewelry and even linen. Women will definitely appreciate this device. Men use these compartments to store ties and socks.

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