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Trunks and caskets are objects from which decorating began decoupage as a special kind of art. Not a single court lady of the French court could refuse an elegant little thing, performing the role of not only a container for storing jewelry, but also an essential attribute of a bedroom. That is why in our days caskets have received a special enthusiasm for decoupage women working in a luxurious and sophisticated vintage style.

The peculiarity of the caskets is also the need to decorate both the outside and the inside, the selection of accessories that will help to make a truly extraordinary, exclusive thing.

Caskets for storing jewelry receive a new, personal design in the hands of craftswomen. The more popular styles of caskets, chests of drawers and chests are vintage and shabby chic.

Free courier delivery: from one thousand five hundred rubles. in St. Petersburg from three thousand p. in Moscow

When ordering small wholesale from eight thousand rubles – a discount on all goods from 20% to 50%.

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Detailed description

The technique of decorating household items – decoupage, began to be used in the Middle Ages. Decoration of furniture with various patterns was considered fashionable in Germany in the 15th century. Each girl tried to have not only a beautiful box for storing jewelry and things dear to her heart, but also more spacious chests for storing dresses. Therefore, even today, the decoupage of caskets and chests is of constant interest to both those who work in the vintage style, and to true connoisseurs of this complex and filigree version of jewelry.

A distinctive feature of this type of art is the need to decorate the casket inside and out, to select a kind of furniture to reflect the chosen style and give the subject an originality and originality. In the skilled hands of masters, the design of jewelry boxes, chests of drawers, chests for storing things acquires exclusive features. Many lovers of original things can try to decorate the boxes with their own hands, giving them a peculiar style of ancient Chinese or Indian masters. Nowadays, the most popular and popular styles of decorating these items are considered shabby chic and vintage. Like any kind of art, decoupage allows you to realize the most daring and original creative ideas. By purchasing exclusive caskets and creating a kind of collection, everyone can touch the beautiful.

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