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In my days the light went out so the problem was a tea with candles to drink. With difficulty I found an old box of matches to ignite the gas.

And on a subject – Vodka bottle is also suitable?

Artiv: In general, such a thing is usually used for quick cooling. We store in the freezer (the gel does not freeze at -18), as suddenly a bottle of wine appears for tasting, we get this very thing, put it on the bottle and after 5-7 minutes it reaches a normal temperature for drinking.

It is logical, but not after 5-7, of course, but after 20 minutes.

Diman: But for sabzh – Will a vodka bottle also work?


Alex Exler: A chilled bottle comes from the refrigerator

With this algorithm, and boots fit.

The good thing is the batteries are cold, and it’s also good when they are already refrigerated in the supermarket. True, in St. Petersburg this is done exclusively in Ruok.


With this algorithm, and boots fit.

Drinking from boots … Not aesthetically pleasing. Well, a good felt boots is expensive now.

Alex Exler: You knew! You knew!

Well in a foreign land without nostalgia. Spanish hot night, boots for wine, stingy tear …

Diman: Drink from boots …

Drink from a faceted glass. Valenok will leak.

ViolatorDM: Valenok will leak.

unfinished old?

Still such gizmos happen with a narrowing in the upper part for a larger contact area with the bottle and an increased diameter with a lace on top (for tightening) – for champagne.

With this algorithm, and boots fit.

And it will even be better, because there is no heat-sensitive gel in it. If this gel stuff is not from the refrigerator, then first the chilled bottle gives cold to the gel, which has a temperature of approx. Wednesday (how much do you have there now, under 30?), i.e. the bottle heats up intensely, and then, when the balance is reached, the temperature stabilizes.

So with such an algorithm, boots are definitely better.


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